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About the RDMS

In response for a UC system wide benchmarking and data analysis tool, UCOP Risk Services Professional & Liability department developed a big data warehouse (the RDMS); bringing together multiple data streams from all of our campuses.

The goal of the RDMS is to connect and share event report, patient experience feedback, claims, and settlement data for improved reporting, analysis, and forecasting. By giving UCOP and the UC Medical Centers an easy way to access data and reports such as systemwide benchmarking metrics and operational dashboards we can foster informed decision making and collaboration.

The intended audience of these reports and users of this system are UC Leaders, Risk Managers, Patient Safety, Quality, Patient Relations/Experience members and other internal reviewers of specific data maintained within the system.

Accessing RDMS

Access to the RDMS is granted by request. To request access to RDMS reports, see the RDMS Access Instructions (PDF). Once privilege is granted, click here to access the RDMS Reports: 

RDMS can support your file export requests, see the File Export Request Form & Process (PDF).

System Availability

  • Support availability: 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Target availability is 98% of the time on an annual basis, during normal working hours, except for planned maintenance periods and holidays.
  • Help Desk tickets should be submitted to the Risk and Safety Solutions team.

You can expect first contact within 24 hours or sooner during normal business hours!